10 Things To Do First In The Morning Before Touching Your Phone – Apostle Suleman

Apostle Suleman advice on the first necessary things to do in the morning.

The minister who shared this through his Twitter page stated list of things to do first thing in the morning.

See the list;

1. Pray when you wake up (before touching the phone).

2. Confess positive words into your day before you step out (you will see results).

3. Take aloy of water (water therapy).

4. Avoid watching CNN (it’s propaganda not news).

5. Deliberately make someone happy

6. Avoid anyone who hurts people (u mite be next).

7. Take few minutes to be alone and listen to the holy spirit.

8. Don’t force things that don’t work out (it might not be God’s will for u).

9. Say ‘an hello’ message to your someone you respect.

10. Belive tomorrow is better




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