12 Offences Christians Commit In Church

Below are some offensive things some people do in church. Perhaps, you would find one or more you are guilty of and adjust as appropriate.

1. Constantly looking at your wristwatch to check the time.

Most people are guilty of this. Once the sermon is getting too long, they began to take glances at the wristwatch,praying the service would come to an end.

2. Chewing gums.

Have you ever sat near someone in church who is chewing gum like a cow chewing cud? You know how annoying that can be. Some even go as far as making silly sounds and blowing bubbles.

3. Receiving calls,pinging and texting.

This is pure disrespect for God! As if it’s not bad enough that your phone rings out during service,you will now go ahead to pick the call. You see some people pinging and texting away during service. This is just too wrong. Would you be pinging if your boss was talking to you? God deserves more respect.

4. Wearing party clothes to church.

There are clothes meant for church. You shouldn’t wear skimpy and revealing clothes to church. Just because the church allows you the freedom to be comfortable doesn’t mean you have to take it for granted.

5. Taking selfie during service. This applies mostly to the ladies. They are the ones who like to take photos of peoples outfits and hairstyles for fun or because they also want to make that style.

6. Sleeping and snoring during sermons.

It’s funny when you spot people sleeping,snoring and falling over their neighbours. You might be tired and feeling sleepy,but try and keep your eyes open. It’s just for a little while and you will be in your bed.

7. Coming late

Some people are in the habit of coming to church when the sermon is about to start or half way into the service. Some give the excuse of not being able to get their children ready on time. During school days, how do you manage to get them to school before 8 am? If you can get them to school early and if you can get to your place of work early, you can also get to church early.

8. Gisting during service

Most people engage in silly chit-chat while the service is going on, not paying attention to the pastor and they end up missing out.

9. Keeping your eyes open during prayers to
watch how others are praying.

Close your eyes and pray your own so that your miracle doesn’t pass you by. Stop watching others.

10. Public display of affection .

We understand you love your spouse a lot, but you can keep the petting till you are out of the church? It could be distracting to those around you.

11. Reading newspaper and magazines.

Some men do this during sermons and prayers. Why come to church if that can’t wait till you get home!

12. Jotting the pastor or speaker’s grammatical errors. Some people do this to keep themselves busy. Instead of listening to get the message, they pay attention to get all the errors.

Men and brethren would you blow bubbles or make noise with your gum if you are were standing in a court of law and in front of a judge?

Would you pick your calls when your boss is talking to you? If your answer is no, then you should not do it in God’s presence. God deserves RESPECT and HONOUR.

Spit out your gum, turn off your cell phone,check that you ‘re appropriately dressed and make the most of the precious little time you have to spend in the presence of God.

Meditation : God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints and to be held in reverence by all those around Him– Psalm 89:7


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