13 Keys To A Healthy Living

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Tips To Keep You Healthy

There are so many factors that contributes to a healthy living. In addition, a healthy diet has many health benefits to the human body.

The human body need food for good health.
According to medical report, human being need many different nutrients. Report also showed that there is no single food that can give all the nutrients. What a large meat portion at dinner will offer your body is different from what a portion of fish at breakfast will give you.
It is not every thing you see as food you should eat. Anything food, water, drugs etc., going into the system can be very harmful if contaminated.

Apart from food, there are many other necessary roles that can play out to keep you healthy. It is therefore important that as part of measure to stay healthy at all time, you consider the following;

1. Avoid eating some kind of street food.
2. Reduce the amount of salt and sugar intake.
3. Avoid unprotected sex with someone who’s recent health status you’ve not ascertain.
4. Avoid taking unknown drugs from street huggers.
5. Eat fruits and vegetables always.
6. Do not stave, make sure you are eating something.
7. Eat a variety of foods.
8. Drink water and plenty of other fluids.
9. See to it that you are not fat, if you are already ‘no reason to be worried or afraid, work on your body weight.
10. Let it be an habit to exercise regularly, even if it means taking a work around the neighborhood.
11. Avoid smoking and drinking excess alcohol.
12. Go for medical checkup from time to time; this will help detect disease early before it manifest.
13. Be happy and don’t stay in enmity with others.


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