20-year-old Boy Who Made Vehicle Challenge Nigerian Goverment, Says He Can Make “Helicopter”

A 20-year-old boy, Chikamso Chizoba Amalu has completed working on his auto mobile project which he started some years back.

Chikamso, who was on a test ride of the vehicle in Lagos street on Thursday told ABN TV that even though his father has not fully given his backing to the project, he persisted in doing it, saying it gives him happiness.

Popularly known as A.C.C Whizzy, Chikamso revealed that he made a helicopter in Enugu in the year 2013 which he flew to the surprise of many.

He said lack of financial capacity has slowed the process of putting finishing touches on the helicopter project.

He admitted that there were errors in his previous invention but said he has developed a road map to make it more effective.

Chikamso said his agenda in 2020 is to invent what he called auto robotic spider that can maneuver traffic logjam through its wings.


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