2019 ELECTION: Get Your Voters Card Ready, Pastor Sarah Omakwu Urges Christians.

The Senior Pastor of  Family Worship Centre (FWC), Abuja, Pastor Sarah Omakwu have today urged Christians to as a matter of urgency and importance get their Voters Card ready for 2019.

Speaking in the Church Auditorium, she said, “as a Church, we hold it as a civil duty to vote.” According to her, the Voters Card is the most powerful thing that we have to decide what happens in our Nation. It is no longer allowed not to vote and is almost a sin ‘if not, and we must do all we need to do now to make sure our vote count because evil is upon us as a nation and we cannot sit and complain. The only way we can change Nigeria is to vote and keep voting, one day, God will give us somebody, she said.

The pastor, while making this known said she was happy and thanked God when the news broke out after 2015 election that the President she voted for because she wanted a change has won; only to see that things became worse and that the whole security of the Nation is in the hand of one people.

Police IG, Chief of army staff, minister of defence, minister of internal affairs, national security adviser, department of state service, commandant general, CSO, principal secretary, private secretary to the president, protocol to president, controller general of custom, immagration, NIA, Chairman EFCC, INEC etc are all Northern Muslims Hausa Fulani.

The Pastor however, pointed at insecurity, says the idea of selection of leadership in Nigeria is not normal.   “There is no problem in the President selecting the people around him but when everybody surrounding the President is a Northern Muslim Hausa Fulani’s, then, there are big problems, therefore, if we don’t want what we get we can change it.

‘You needed to see how I was pushing and climbing walls and haden eaten until I have finished voting for the president and I was so glad I voted and that our vote counted and they are going to count again in 2019.’

Concern the 2019 election, we don’t know who we are going to vote yet but we know who we are not going to vote for and when the time comes, we will know who we will vote for, she added.

She however, advice Nigerians not to let anybody play politics on their head this time. And prayed that GOD will frustrate the plots of the enemies concerning Nigeria.

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