3 Reasons We Need Jesus In Our Marriages And Our Lives

My candid opinion and a believer of Jesus Christ, He is the son of God, the word of God, the great deliverer and the one sent by God to take away our sins, so we can be whole before God. We can’t do without him. He was crucified on the cross for our sins for you and I to have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, over all the earth and every living thing that creeps on this earth. You are unique and one in a million.


The paintings/pictures on your wall at home is nothing like the one I saw in my vision. He came to me in his glory, I mean in his awesomeness in heaven. His hair is completely gray/white, his fingers and toe nails have stars that shines very bright, his eyes is like that of the sun, shining brighter than the sun, his robe is white, very white. It takes only those that have been made whole and are washed in his blood to see him. I was so scared and was full of sin and that moment I screamed and woke up.

We are all sinners and need his grace to exist in this world. No matter what you are going through, he is your solution.


1. DEFINE OUR RELATIONSHIP – I have never seen anyone who decided to walk with the spirit make mistake. It is not possible. You can only make mistake if God permits it and could be a trying period. All am saying is walk with the spirit before any commitment. He would take care of your fears when the wrong person comes your way.

2. Directs our part – You would be guided and protected from your own taught that would put you in trouble and regrets. On our own we are bound to commit errors, make false judgement and conclusion about whoever comes your way, But when we walk with God, we would be guided to eliminate uncertainty in our lives.

3. Love – Jesus Christ is love. He left his heavenly throne to die for you and I on the cross of Calvary. This is Love. His love means, forgiveness, no adultery, no fornication, Love your neighbor, help the poor. Don’t do any thing your partner hates and injurious to your life and marriage. Allow him to come into your marriage, so you can find peace and rest.

PS: I felt torched to write about my creator, helper and giver of life and recommend him to someone who is truly in need of Christ in your marriage, invite him to take control.


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