3 Types Of Individuals Never To Commit Your Project To

1. Friends/Close relatives

They’d literally take you for granted.
When you need a specialist for a job/project, please do not make this mistake. The familiarity between you guys will probably make them treat your job as an option. Your job will probably be handled as the last, of course they know they can’t take shyte from other clients, but will rather mess with yours since you can’t do them nothing. These deals usually turn close allies to enemies and end in grudges.

The most important is if the project is fund intensive, some are so wicked they’d embezzle your funds and still terminate your life. Be warned!

2. Over-Experienced ones
These guys are made, trust me; they’ve probably received jobs worth 100*times the monetary value of yours. When they delay your project which of course is most likely because people tend to engage them a lot, you can’t rant! They’d let you know why you shouldn’t shout because of a worthless job.

It is worst if your job has very low monetary value, some may never start your job because they feel they are past such ‘demeaning/nursery’ jobs or probably leave it in the care of the totally inexperienced trainees in their establishments.

Lest I forget, their prices are always exorbitant, 2 reasons. Low fund jobs are like peanuts to a hungry lion, they have crazy appetite and would never spend their crazy schedule on your job. Second reason however is probably they need to chase your small project away, hence!

3. Newbies
Before you give out major projects, do well to find out the years of experience your potential client has. One way to know is that their prices are usually cheap which quid pro quo compensates for your project which they will use to earn more experience.

Using your project as a ‘lab rat’ may mean little or lots of mistakes which you wouldn’t imagine! Next time when you come across weirdly low prices compared to others, think again!

I’ve succeeded in convincing us on kind of individuals never to consult with our precious projects, but it begs the question ‘then which category of people do you want us to consult?’

Adolescents: I don’t mean it literally, I gave them this tag because they sit on the fence, they are neither newbies nor are they over experienced. They swing between the two and tend to balance the excesses of the two.

They don’t have too much jobs like their superiors and every job is important to them. These guys want to impress and earn the trust of a lot of clients. Their prices are never outrageous and they are reasonable. Their time game is top notch, trust me. In same vein, would their experience suffice? YES! They have the required technical know-how to deliver their jobs which makes them better than their juniors (Newbies)


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