5 Most Common Issues Why Phone Always Slow

The smartphone, which in the first days of its work pleased you with high performance, in one day can start to work very slowly. This prevents users and can be annoying. The reasons for the changeable behavior of the smartphone can be several at once. We list the top 5 most common of them.

i. Background application workflow
The Android operating system copes quite well with the distribution of device resources to the tasks performed. However, these tasks can be too many. In their list, there may be those that the user is not interested in at all. But applications continue to connect from time to time to the network, update their data and check the status of the system. This happens in the background, and users do not observe these processes.

Exit – delete old and unnecessary applications. Determine which applications consume smartphone resources which make your phone slow, you can use Greenify and Servicely.

ii. Overfilled memory and fragmentation
The write speed of the built-in drive in your device drops if the smartphone’s memory is full. This has a very negative effect on the speed of work. In addition, there is fragmentation. Some sectors of the drive are no longer able to read and write over time. If your smartphone has a problem with free space on the drive, we recommend using a memory card or cloud storage to move data.

iii. Battery lifetime
Over time, the smartphone battery not only loses its original capacity but also the ability to provide a stable voltage for operation. This can cause the device to overheat, which affects performance and result in making your phone slow. In addition, a device with an old battery can be rebooted. The solution to this problem is to replace the battery.

iv. Problems with the memory chip
Alas, drives, like batteries, cannot work forever. Having reached the maximum number of write cycles, the memory stops working correctly. The operating time of the memory chip depends on various factors. On average, it is ready to serve 2-3 years. There are chips that work longer. Much depends on the intensity of use. Finally, the memory may be damaged as a result of the fall of the smartphone. Alas, this problem does not lend itself to an independent solution.

v. Updates can make phone slow
We often receive operating system updates and application updates. We get new software that works on the older hardware. Gradually, software becomes more demanding and there comes a time when iron loses its ability to provide the previous speed of work. As a rule, this happens earlier than the software support for iron cannot Alas, this also can not be helped.

Most performance problems are due to obsolescence. Like many other things, the components of our smartphones are aging, and it remains for us to recall the times when they were young.

Source: https://buyitcheapnow.com/how-tos/phone-slow-the-most-likely-causes/

Bonus: Virus is likely to make your phone slow – I. A. Dickson

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