5 Reasons Why We Must Not Remove God From Human Governance

By Sospitas


First of all, no government is supposed to be seen endorsing (even tacitly) any religion since every state is assumed to be secular. Having said this, the way things are going in this world, it will not be long before we hear that the word “God” should be completely remove from every aspect of the constitution and community life. I’m saying this because of the ever increasing disenchantment with organize religion, the annoying flamboyant life still of some preachers against the depravity of the many, religious extremism/terrorism and the expanding capacity of science and technology which is leading many to choose the path of atheism. As the population and influence of organize religion dwindles, that of the the atheist are on the increase and many among them are beginning to nurse the idea that God should be completely remove from the constitution and religion should be obliterated. The reasons they give is that, religion is the cause of so many wars and suffering. But of all the disposition and habit which leads to political prosperity, religion and morality are an indispensable support. Let us as reasoning people consider without prejudice some of the possible consequence of removing “God” from the constitution and religion from people’s life.

(1) BREAKDOWN OF DEMOCRATIC PRINCIPLE: The establishments of independence as well as the principle of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are clearly defined in the preamble of the declaration of independence as having been endowed to all men by their creator. This is to say that each of us has a natural right from God which includes: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It was because this right exist that caused men to make laws to protect them, thus, giving birth to government. So if we are to discard the belief in God as some people insist we do, what are we going to attribute to be the source of human right?

(2) IT CAN LEAD TO TYRANNY: With the origin of right, there can be only two possible options which are: right can be God given as part of the divine plan or they are granted by the government as part of the political plan. So if God is to be removed from this life and we accept that human right are granted by the government, we must be willing to accept the corollary that they can be denied by that same government. Imagine how frightening that will be. A case in check is North Korea where the supreme leader is the judge, jury and the executioner. North korea is even lucky given that it’s a homogeneous population. If the situation was to play out in Nigeria with all it various tribe and smoldering resentment, there will be carnage. So reason and necessity should lead us to accept the divine origin of human right.

(3) EXPLOSION OF ANARCHY: Like I previously stated, morality and religion goes hand in glove, and morality serve as a check against anarchy. How? You may ask, now consider this scenario, hungry john was walking down the street, he sees a couple and he robs them of their cash. Good, bad or neither? To john who has no conscience to protect and God to please, the only fear will be getting caught and punished for breaking the law and to make matters worse, there is absolutely no reason for him not to do that now but previously, his moral compass tempered by religion and the promise of afterlife would have prevented him from such. When people don’t have a reason to uphold moral fiber such as believe in the afterlife to work toward, then a large number will choose to disregard any existing moral since there are no real benefit in things like honesty, kindness, patience and long suffering. Most will pursue self interest no matter who is affected. The only motivation will be money and pleasure.

(4) CREATION OF A POLICE STATE: When the Situation degenerate into a full scale breaks down of law and order, the government will be force to introduce extreme measures. Since nobody can be trusted, every citizen have to be watched round the clock, there will be complete surveillance, camera will have to be fixed at every corner inhabited by man. Every human activity (including the most mundane things like going to the toilet) will be monitored to keep society in check; a lot of the freedom will have to be sacrifice which leads us to the final point.

(5) LOSS OF FREEDOM: Right to privacy and freedom from unwarranted search and seizures, freedom of speech and assembly, freedom from discriminatory treatment based on race, religion, ethnicity, political belief or even societal status will be all gone. Granted, abuse of freedom or civil liberty by people in power have been going on since time immemorial but it will happen at an unimaginable scale if believe in GOD is criminalize. Government will be more interested in preserving their power at the expense of those being govern and since right was given by the government as part of the political plan, it can as well be denied by that same government for the same reason.

So reason, believe and necessity leads me to accept the divine origin of right, and there can be no divine origin of right without an acknowledgement of GOD.


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