5 Signs That Indicates The Need To Replace Your Tyre

Your car tyres remain a very vital part of your car that is supposed to be in good condition at all times. Your tyre is meant to provide a safe grip with the ground in all situations to ensure good driveability of your car. Anything that makes your tyre deviate from giving your car safe grip to the ground should be avoided.

Below are the warning signs that indicate it’s time to change your tyres.

1. Bulges:

Bulges on any part of your trye are another clear indication that your tyre needs to be replaced. The bulges sprout out when the rigid internal frame of your tyre get damaged.

These bulges can be caused by driving your car with low tyre pressure, hitting potholes or kerbs.

When there is bulge(s), it is highly advised you change the tyre even if it looks fine.

2. Age:

Pay attention to the age of your tyre. It is not very hard to check the age of your tyre. There are a 10-11 digits Tyre Identification Number (TIN) written on the sidewall of every tyre. The TIN tells you a lot of information about your tyre including the weak and year it was manufactured. Expired tyres need to be changed.

To ensure your are not using expired tyres, read our post on – How To Tell If Your Car Tyres Are Expired here

3. Cracks:

Car tyres are almost at all times exposed to varying weather conditions. Some of these exposures can cause UV rays to break down the chemicals and oils used by the tyre manufacturers. When this occurs, the strength and flexibility of your tyres might get compromised leading to brittle-like texture of the tyre.

This will often look like little cracks or holes in the tyre itself.

These cracks on your tyres could be a sign of a future blowout. So it is definitely something you need to get checked soon.

4. Vibrations:

It is normal for your car to vibrate especially when plying bumpy roads. There are several causes of car vibration; one of them is bad tyres. An internal damage to the tyre can cause irregular spinning of the tyre, hence vibrations.

If you start noticing some vibrations even when on smooth road, it can be an indicator something could be wrong with your tyre. Inspect your tyre to find out what the problem is.

5. Wear on one side:


You would probably need new tyres if they have severely worn out.

Tread wear on the center strip of the tyre is a sign of over inflation, while wear on the edges is as a result of under inflation.

Check the condition of your tyres today!!!
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