Six heath benefits of bitter leaf/ scent leaf juice

The use of bitter leaf and scent leaf in preparing meal has been part of our practices, especially in Nigeria. However, many people who prepare their meal with the bitter leaf or scent leaf do so for faith of adding leaf to their meal.

There has been evidence for decades about the benefits of bitter leaf and scent leaf to the human body, far more than just the leaf, by research.

As part of prevention from diseases and keeping healthy at all time, juice extracted from bitter leaf and scent leaf is helpful remedy against many health challenge.

6 Benefits of bitter leaf/ scent leaf

  1. It boost blood production: This leafs help to boost blood production. Research has shown that the bitter leaf and scent leaf contains some good amount of iron that helps to produce red blood cells. Just by taking a little cup of the juice from the two leafs every weekends can boost blood production.
  2. Antiviral: The leaf is good natural herb against viruses. A good use of it can prevent the body from virus.

  3. Fight against malaria: Bitter leaf is antimalarial leave. It prevent against malaria. The leaf is said to contain thymol oil; the thymol oil help to prevent against mosquito bites. Most importantly, bitter leaf is used in treating malaria.

  4. A very good property that boost the Immune System: Report from doctors shows that the juice from bitter leaf and scent leaf contains vitamins that are essential in boosting the immune system.

  5. Help to cleanse the liver and prevent against skin diseases: The juice from bitter leaf and scent leaf is helpful in many ways. One of the benefits to the human body is it’s ability to clean the liver and also serve as property for treating skin diseases like eczema, rashes and ringworm among others.

  6. Very helpful in calming blood pressure: Do you ever wonder and want to know which step to take to calm blood pressure? Then consider taking bitter leaf and scent leaf juice from time to time.

To get the expected result from bitter leaf and scent leaf as disclosed in this article, you are going to need to take some good quantity of both leaves. Below is to help on how to extract bitter leaf and scent leaf juice.

How to extract the bitter leaf/ scent leaf juice

Some people use the local method of switching the leaves with clean hand to get the juice. There are number of appliances that help make it easy. By just taking a cup of the juice once a week is perfect compare to not taking at all.

To some extent, you can boil the bitter leaf and scent leaves and drink a cup every weekends.

How to prevent your whole family from malaria/ unnecessary illnesses
It is simple. Make sure everybody have a cup of extracted juice from bitter leaf/ scent leaf ones every weekends. This is however one tip you will not consider easily but do work and prevent from falling sick often. Try it.


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