7 Types Of Boss You Will Meet And How To Handle Them

As you progress in the professional world, you tend to work with different bosses – the good, the bad and the ugly. As a matter of fact, some bosses are so nice that you will always be happy while going to the office.

However, when you work with some terrible boss, you may regret ever joining the organization. Those that have worked with these people before can definitely relate.

You may actually be working in a great organization with juicy pay, but your boss can make going to work a nightmare for you. Irrespective of how hard you work, they never appreciate your effort. They always look forward to criticizing you and your job.

However, in this article, you will learn about the types of boss you will meet and how to handle them.

7 Types Of Boss You will Meet And How To Handle Them

1. The Motivational Boss

Some Bosses are just too good. They always inspire you to carry out your task effectively and always correct in the most polite manner.

These bosses always put you first before considering themselves and are more concerned about your wellbeing. They are the best boss ever.

Note: Don’t try to take the simplicity of these bosses for stupidy, as you will see the demonish part of them. They will definitely use you as a scapegoat to other people around.

2. The Inadequate Boss

This is also one of the types of boss you will meet. He is grossly inadequate and has no business with leading a team. As a matter of fact, he has no skill, no knowledge not even a leadership charisma, yet he is the boss.

Sometimes, an inadequate boss will have no idea of what to do in certain situations. However, instead of bad mouthing and proving to the world how inadequate this boss, make yourself useful to him.

Try to help him with critical tasks and this will make him rely on you over time. With this, people around will be noticing you including your boss’s boss, decision-makers and other top-notch executives.

3. The Dictator

The Dictator is Mr. Know it all. They don’t listen to anybody’s opinion, rather they order everybody around. To put it differently, a dictator boss will always treat employees like a pawn in the game of chess. They will expect you to do exactly what you are told without an input.

You can actually change the game if you are working with a dictator. Try to always take ownership of the little task they assigned to you and do it beyond their expectation. With this, they will be delegating better task for you and this will make you a superstar employee in no time.

4. The Blamer

A blamer is a boss who never takes responsibility for his actions. Interestingly, he will always acknowledge praise and direct criticism towards his subordinate.

What annoys me most about a blamer boss is that he never takes time to identify the cause of a problem, rather he just blames someone else for the team’s failure.

When working with a blamer always have facts and figures available at all time. Whenever he blames you on a particular issue, identify the problem and suggest a possible solution.

5. The Credit Stealer

The credit stealer will always take all the credit for executing a particular project. They never acknowledge the fact that it is a team work, they take the credit and move on. Sadly, they will not even congratulate the employees for a work well done, he will just behave as if he did everything all alone. Oops! the credit stealer is always very annoying.

6. The Toxic Boss

You don’t need a soothsayer to know that the toxic boss is the worst types of boss you will meet. There is no polite word in a toxic boss’s diction, in fact, verbally abusing employee is his second nature.

They make the office environment very hostile, unconducive and contribute to the low productivity of staff. It is always advisable to start looking for a new job when you are working with a toxic boss. Otherwise, you will be working with fear, we all know where that will lead to.

7. The Eye Service Mafia

The eye service mafia is also among the types of bosses you will meet. They are generally very nice and guide you properly on the job. However, once they see their superior around, they will use you to shine.

In other words, they will want to scold you and make you feel incompetent so that their boss will applaud them for being effective in their supervisory capacity.

Source: http://www.24hoursreporter.com/2018/11/01/7-types-of-boss-you-will-meet-and-how-to-handle-them/


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