Aba Made Face Masks You May Need To Patronize

Here’s Aba-made face masks, quite impressive. Without any iota of sentiment, the South-Eastern region of Nigeria has the human resouce capacity and the potentials to become the industrial hub of the Nation. Just that there are some internal issues such as sociopolitical disparities and other wailing challenges in the region.

Analytically, the only way for Nigeria to actualize a higher PPP (purchasing power parity) in the international market is to reduce importation and increase the production of certain competitive products… Our devalued Naira can regain its strength in the course.

Though many scholars could argue that those Aba-made products are substandard as compared to the foreign ones. But the closest answer to that is that; “Rome wasn’t built in a day…” There’s always room for improvement.

Remember the days of China Phones, now they have improved. And y’all know!

We need to start appreciating our local content products in Nigeria…

By NETISM Author (Jawolusi Oluwaseun)

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