Abducted Dapchi Girls: Do Not Weep For Leah Sheribu

 I was before a Mirror this Morning, checking myself out before my Dad’s small radio broke the fishy-flashy too much. “One of the abducted Dapchi girls was not released for refusing to convert to Islam.” I quickly ran to the dinning room to inform my parents of the news. What kind of Faith is this? A small girl of that age prefers another minute in the Jungle for the sake of a Nazaren who refused to prevent her abduction in the first place? Does she not have a boyfriend she’s missed so much? Couldn’t she have spoken from her lips? She could have accepted to wear the hijab and do away with it on getting home. Why didn’t she accept Islam in their presence and denounce it on seeing her parents, then ask her Jesus for pardon? Afterall, the Crucified son of Mary, she believes in, forgives easily. So, I was told. Is she too young to know she might not return? She might be killed just like her fore-fathers in the faith and heaven will not fall. She could be crucified like Peter or burnt alive like Polycarp. She could be severely scourged like Agrippina. What a Poor little girl!

I was about to pray the 3pm divine Mercy prayer for Leah, when I remembered the 70 A.D fate of Jerusalem. The architects of the greatest evil, the execution of the Son of God, thought they were wise and powerful. Little did they know that nemesis would catch them up. Jesus Christ warned. He warned them of the doom they were preparing for themselves. He told them there would be an aftermath. Only the discerning knew what he meant, when the Lord told the daughters of Jerusalem, “Do not weep for me, but for yourselves and your Children.” Jerusalem later regretted. Her Mothers Cried. Her daughters lamented. Her Sons caused the days of their birth.They told the mountain “please fall on us” and the hills “please cover us. Yes, do not Cry for Leah Sheribu, but for the perpetrators of this evil. Weep for everyone involved in her abduction and detainment. Weep! Weep!! For Buhari if he knows anything about this. Weep! Weep!! For Jonathan if he is part of this in any way.Weep for the Dapchi villagers who encouraged Terrorists with their chants of “Holy Warriors.” Weep for CAN if she would not act fast. Weep for the right thinking Muslims, if they wouldn’t do nothing. Weep for everyone who has consciously brought Nigeria to this pitiful state. They might ask, “Why weep for us?” Tell them, Pontius Pilate committed Suicide.

Dear heroic Leah Sheribu, now that you are a confessor. How I wish to kiss dusts off your slippers.

Ayeni Faith Damilola is a writer, public speaker and eulogist.
[email protected]

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