The love story of Bobby and Cheryl Love would be considered beautiful, but it was not really on the romantic side. The couple had lived with each other for forty straight years. Because of this, most people might seek their advice about the secret of a good and happy marriage. It did seem that the two had everything figured out. But that was just what we saw on the surface. There was one thing about Bobby’s past that Cheryl had zero ideas about. And once she found out the truth from the most unlikely source, everything had started to change.

On one of the mornings of January 2015, Cheryl rose up from bed while she let her husband sleep some more. She began with her typical and usual morning routine. She did not expect to hear a knock from her door. During one of her interviews with the Humans of New York, Cheryl said, “I opened it slowly and saw the police standing there.”

Crazy Lady”
Bobby and Cheryl Love had a “crazy lady” who lived just next to them for a few years now. The police frequently checked on their neighbor. Because of this, Cheryl thought that the people standing outside her house got the wrong address.

Cheryl could not help but worry. She even said, “At first I wasn’t worried, but the moment I opened the door, twelve officers came barging past me.” At that moment, she really had no clue what was happening and why the police came to their doorstep. Back then, she had no idea that her world would be shaken to the core.

Ask For His Name
The men who rushed into her residence wore vests with the recognizable letters F, B, and I (FBI). She only grew more confused with what was happening and had entirely no idea what these men were doing in her house.

Absolute Chaos
Cheryl was already shaken up. In an interview, she said, “They went straight back to the bedroom, and walked up to Bobby.” She heard the FBI agents ask her husband, “What’s your name?” And her husband softly muttered, “Bobby Love.”

Asking For His Name
The agents made a follow-up question. They asked him, “No, what’s your real name?” For a moment, Cheryl’s husband was silent, and finally, he replied to them in a soft voice. After they heard his response, they said, “You’ve had a long run.” The agents did not think twice and handcuffed Bobby Love.

In Shock
Cheryl was frozen in place. She was clearly confused and had no idea how to react to the situation. Eventually, she faced her husband and asked for an explanation of what was happening. And as the agents took him outside of the house, Bobby responded, “This goes way back, Cheryl. Back before I met you.”

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