Akwa Ibom Road Maintenance Agency Recieves 100 New Construction Equipment

The Akwa ibom state road and other infrastructure maintenance agency has thanked the state governor mr udom emmanuel for procuring new equipment to enhance their maintenance work.
The head of the agency mr Ntukude expressed his gratitude to the state governments for the support he has give to its agency, he stated that the governor is a forward thinker who is interested in taking AKS into the 21 century, he said that AKORIMA is the best state owned agency of its kind in the country as it currently has its own asphalt plant and equipment repair facility and has 230 permanent employees. He said that with the addition of the equipments more employment oppurtunity will be opened up and the governors operation zero portholes will be given a boost.

The agency chairman also states that this agency has the high number of akwa ibom indeginous engineers from the state university and polytechniques in its employ, who were before now unemployed. And has given the young men and women and oppurtunity to earn a living while practicing their profession in dignity,

He also state that the agency now has capacity to construct new roads in addition to resurfacing that was their major preoccupation, and appealed to the state and local government to patronizing its sercvices in these areas .

He also informed the governor that due to his patronage they have ventured into schools and local primary health centers renovation and that before the end of the year the state will see more evidence in this regards.

He also thanked the governor for revamping the peacock paints industry in the state and mentioned that all the paints they are using to mark the newly resurfaced roads and the ones they intend to use in painting the renovated schools and health centers are made in akwa ibom paints.




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