Amazing Tips To Keep Fruits Fresh And Last Longer

I have a neighbour who sells fruits and often, she threw away many of the spoiled fruits. If you pass though any fruit vendor, you will surely see fruits that looks not ok for you to buy.

Do you ever felt bad how fruits goes bad so quickly? Well, that is because they are fresh. Some fruits are delicious and have loads of vitamins and other minerals that gives energy and health to the body. Because of this functions and many more, lot of health advice recommend regular intake of fruits to patients.

Different fruits has their estimated period it can stay. Fruit, as it is fresh food, spoils quicker than expected when not properly preserve. Matter gets worse with a hot whether and if you must avoid having spoiled fruits after using your money to buy them, you are going to simply apply this trick to help keep your fruits fresh longer.

Some times, you can make your fruits stay fresh and longer without any chemical preservatives.

Wash as you want to eat
One of the most reason some fruits spoil quickly is because it has contact with water. It is true you need to wash the fruits before you eat and that has been where the big problem begin. Washing your fruits before eating does not mean you wash a whole bowl of fruits just because you want to eat one pieces or two. The moment a fruit is expose to moisture, the possibility that it spoil quickly is high. To avoid this, consider the following;
i. Rinse only the fruits you want to eat at the moment.
ii. Make sure that the fruits going into the fridge or that must stay the next few days is dry.

There are some fruits that can stay longer than a week. Even with that, when not properly handled can spoil in no time. For some fruits like the apple, you can keep them longer by wrapping with paper towel and placing them in the vegetable drawer of the fridge.
While some fruits are best kept in the fridge, there are some fruits that must not necessarily be preserve in the fridge. For instance, those fruits that must ripe before eating will not ripe fast if place in the fridge. Some fruits also lose flavour in the process.

To further preserve fresh fruits
Fill a bucket with water; put a cup of vinegar and at least a spoon of salt into the water; let in the fruits and allow it in there for at least 5-10 minutes before you rinse and dry them into your fridge.

This method will make the fruits last longer as the vinegar help to remove dirt while the salt kill insects associated with the fruits skin.

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