Another experience with a pretty lady

It was another lesson today at a nearby bus-stop. Getting a taxi was a bit longer than as usual in a normal day. I thought, that had been ‘possibly for the lesson I got to share with you. Waiting a little more longer I was scared and worried of the time because of the number of people also waiting patiently for a lift. Here come a pretty lady in addition to the already increased number. She boldly walk-pass everybody until she get closer. Hello! Good morning, she said. Good morning dear, ‘how are you doing today? I responded. Fine, please, I’m going to Mabushi ‘can I get a car here? Yes, just wait a while. We charted until I got to know “just like you could get to the motor pack and going to Abuja, but there are various places in Abuja; she is new and she had no idea of the location she is going in Mabushi. But in the cost of charting she was able to communicate the exact place she was going which is a well know place to me. We finally boarded a taxi and it was an easy and stress-less journey to her as I ask the driver to stop her at the exact place she was going and as well pointed the building to her… She could have pass it anyway because even the driver didn’t know where she was going except Mabushi.

While I was yet thinking about that I recalled visiting a settlement with a friend the other day; it was to meet with one Mr. John for issue that concern’s me the most and been our first visit we had no idea the very place Mr. John stays. On getting there we realize the area was of few persons and the only person we could see nearby was a figure sitting lonely under a mango tree ‘even you will not consider him to be reasonable enough to provide any solution. We considered he looked dirty and please, permit me to us the word ‘mad’ and lonely ”that is to say he looked like one people don’t relate with for anything. We wanted to walk-pass him but I had a change of mind and we walk to him. Good afternoon bros, how things now? I asked. Fine, and you? He responded. This one you’re sitting here all alone like you want to make all the money in the world for yourself alone, hope you will share with us? I asked. He laughed and said, if you have please share with me. So we kept talking and shared our purpose for visiting with him until he had given us every details to where we were going, and not only end there.

“Remember, I told us the purpose was to meet with Mr. John who was to help us reach the king of that community.” He told us he just left the king and will help us to the king; added that they decided to clean the Kings surrounding that’s why he is so rough. Then he call on a young man passing nearby and asked him to lead us to the king and to tell the king we came through him (the figure we thought was nobody) and that the king should listen to us. So it was that meeting with the king and getting the response with needed from the king became easier than we expected because of him. The remarkable thing about him as I thought of it today remains the respect the young man he summoned to lead us to the king gave him and his connection with the king.

I am saying these to tell us not to take anybody for a nobody. I understand the attitude of some people and I am not trying to sound positive here but on the note, if you can understand a better way to communicate to every body please, do. But never downgrade anyone because of his or her look, appearance or origin. because sometimes the people we think are of less value are most of the times more important in our findings… Always remember, as the journey may be, you may still return back to find out that the person you just ignored and passed your way is the same person you are looking for. If you have your experience please, share with us too. Thanks for reading…

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