Antenatal Care/ Delivery: Four Specialists That Can Save You & Your Baby’s Life

Pregnancy is a dynamic state and time, you must be in care of those who know what to do.

These 4 specialists are a MUST in the hospital you choose for antenatal care & delivery.

1& 2.
Obstetrician & an experienced Midwife

These 2 are non negotiable as they are in charge of you & your baby through out pregnancy, in labour & afterwards.

3. Anaesthestist; ask if they have one, if not ask how long it takes them to get one.
This is important especially if there is need for urgent surgical interventions.

4. Paediatrician; sometimes a new born baby may come out needing urgent resuscitation to prevent damage to their brain & save their lives.

These 4 specialists can be/ make the difference in the outcome of your pregnancy, save you & your baby’s life. So feel free to always ask.


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