Anti-Snake/ Scorpion Bites

Shared by concerned figure

(Nichoke Dietary Consultancy)


*Have been taking care of scorpion bite since dawn?*

*Please if you are bitten by a scorpion/snake, hope you know there are ways you can curb it without going to the hospital?*

*Reason am always nagging on ginger, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon to cook not maggi.*

*Well, it saved me today.*

*I equally had limes at home.*

*The moment I heard a scream, what’s that?*


*” Scorpion in my house ?”*

*”Yes, it bite me from the bed”*

*” OK, papa get me the limes in the fridge please. “*

*I tore the spot, ensured blood spilled, then placed the lime there to magnetize the poisons.*

*The moment he told me the pain was gone, I removed it.*

*Then made a paste of garlic and rubbed on his swollen leg and in 1 min, Gbam!*

*Everything disappeared!*
*He’s off for work this morning.*

*This is exactly same thing I do for snake bites.*

*Whether you squeeze or just cut the fruit and place on the bloody leg, the important thing is contact with the blood.*

*You will gradually feel the pain going out of you.*

*Please let’s all try and have these things in our homes.*

*Even if you want to live your life anyhow, these are for rainy days.*

*Do exactly what I did, even if its a snake.*

*After removing the poisons with lime, make a paste of any of the four herbs listed above and apply then rest.*

*You don’t need any Ambulance.*

*You need not some chemicals either.*

*I don’t joke with citrus fruits, they are always in my house.*

*Oranges, lemons, and limes. Because they save me.*

*Anytime I urinate and it’s yellow, ” papa, boil ginger in water for me.”*

*He brings the ginger water for me, I squeeze in orange, lemons, limes, drink.*

*And the next urine will be clear again.*

*Any time my urine is smelly, because of my love for excess protein, I do same.*

And before you know it
this leads to the kidney issues you hear of on a daily basis

*Because people do not have this secret, they run to the hospitals and compound everything.*

*I just leaked a secret now.*
*So that whenever you get any strange color of urine, or smells foul, do the needful.*

*I expect we always apply everything we learn here.*

_*Thank you all.*_
_*Please share as received.*_

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