Applaud to China As Students In Wuhan, Returned Back To School After Managing Covid-19 Pandemic

Applaud to China, doing great job in managing the civic-19 pandemic. Now in Wuhan, students have returned to school. The Chinese are very efficient and its the kind of efficiency the world need right now.

COVID-19 originated in China, but they have technically overcome the disease. Unfortunately tens of thousands are still reported to die of the disease daily around the world. In real life, daily death rate could be well above the recorded figure. China seems to be well focused in education and their technical and intelectual ability is the fruit of their effort, as well as the key and they are using it well.

The Chinese youngsters in the global coronavirus epicenter, Wuhan filed back to class on Wednesday, wearing masks, walked past a thermal scanners.

Senior school students in 121 institutions were back in front of chalk boards and digital displays for the first time since their city — the ground zero of the coronavirus pandemic — shut down in January.

“School is finally reopening!” posted one user of Weibo, China’s Twitter-like short messaging platform. “This is the first time that I’m so happy to go back to school, although I have to sit a monthly examination on the 8th.”

Teenagers sat at individual desks spaced a 3.3 feet apart, seeing their teachers in the flesh after months of distance learning.

Wednesday’s back-to-school was the latest step in a gradual normalizing of life in Wuhan and surrounding Hubei province.

In preparation for reopening, some schools spaced out their desks and organized smaller class sizes, according to local media.

Thermal scanners greeted everyone walking through school gates, and anyone with a high temperature was not allowed in.



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