As much as I hate the Death Sentence, No Punishment Is Too Severe For A Rapist – Pastor Adeboye

Pastor Adeboye, of Redeemed Christian Church of God RCCG, who through a broadcast on Dove TV, yesterday, speak on the reap case of UNIBEN student who was raped and murdered in the RCCG church in Edo.

The pastor who condemned such act, said that no punishment is too severe on a rapist, as such act will  leave a scar that will remain a lifetime on women.

He however said that his prayers will continue until the perpetrators are fished out.

“I just want to put on record my humble opinion about the crime of rape. In my own opinion, there is hardly any crime more grievous than that of rape. Maybe with the possible exception of murder because when you rape a girl, you put a scar on her. Not only physically, but mentally. A scar that cannot be removed for the rest of her life. I am telling you, there is no pain that I know of that can compare to the pain of parents whose daughter has been raped.

The girl that was raped and killed in Benin happens to be one of my daughters. And I am telling you, I feel the pain seriously.

I want to put this on record that both myself and my prayer warriors will not rest in prayers until the perpetrators of this evil are brought to justice. We will cry to the Almighty God, the one who knows all things to fish out these people. Not only those who raped my daughter and ended up killing her but everyone who had ever committed rape, particularly in Nigeria and all other nations of the world.

I will cry to my God, the all-knowing God to fish them all out so that they will face justice.

As much as I hate the death sentence, because anyone who is dead cannot be reached for salvation, I think that every form of punishment that will be given to a rapist cannot be considered too severe.

God helping me, I will keep on crying to God that anyone who ever thinks of raping anybody again, the Almighty God will stop them before they can do so. Even if he has to take them away from this world to achieve that purpose.”

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