Bauchi Doctor Infect Ten Family Members With COVID-19

A Bauchi doctor has infected ten members of his family with Covid-19.

The doctor who testing positive for coronavirus also infected his 9-year old son.

Dr. Rilwanu Muhammed, Chairman of the State Primary Health Care Development Agency (BSPHCDA), disclosed this on Sunday. He said nine of the family including the doctor have recovered except and discharged, but the 9 year old son is still in the isolation centre.

He said the  doctor may have contracted the virus while treating COVID-19 patients but refused to allow himself to be treated thereby exposing his family members to the virus.

He advised health workers to submit themselves for treatment if they get infected with the virus. In addition he said that no fewer than 24 health workers have tested positive to the virus.

He said denials by infected patients is one of the challenges health workers are facing in the state.

”The doctor and nine of his family members were recently discharged but the last child, the 9 year son is still in isolation. When the doctor got infected, instead of allowing other doctors to take care of him , he went home with it. He ought to have placed himself on a sick role and allow others to treat him, you’re a doctor doesn’t mean you can treat yourself of covid-19, ” he warned.

He said infected patients should always succumb to treatment.


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