Businesses That Really Pay And Can Fetch You Money On Daily Bases

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Instead of waiting a whole full month to collect 25K or 30K from a Boss as salary, you can venture into one or two of this business ideas and make lot of money before the month runs out. Some job pay as low as 18K and 15K, of which you spend more than 3 – 4K for transport alone. If you row out that fear of ‘what if I fail’ and venture into it, you will surely thank me later.

There are people who will never want to work under a Boss just because they have tasted one or two stream of income which a white collar job cannot give them. And in case you don’t think of it, there are numerous side hustle that pay more that answering an employee.

Now, for any business to continue to be profitable you have to be a good manager and managing a business is not that expensive in as much as it is bringing money.

I will share just few and if you ever have in mind what business to do and you feel you can try one, don’t exitate. It really pay.

i. Popcorn Business

Popcorn business like any other businesses out there is a profitable business. It is one business you don’t need much capital to start and can give you over a Hundred Thousand and more monthly.

If you will agree with me today, just walk into a nearby Popcorn machine shop. If you don’t know one ask a neighbour. Find out the price of the machine. Depending on your location you can get it below 50K. Or better still you can buy a used but in good condition machine. You can equally get the raw material like corn, sugar, butter and nylon with less than 10K, which is more than enough for a start. It’s a plus if you can get a good location. If you think the location is not that good just start somewhere first, like the front of a friend’s shop, so long as people passes through you never can tell but be sure of the aroma bringing you customers.

You can make close to 200K every month with less than 60K capital.

ii. Barbing

For a young man out there looking for a means of livelihood, opening a barbing salon business may just be the stream. It apply to all businesses that as long as you can manage the business remains profitable.

Barbing business is like food business. People will always barb their hair and if you are one who knows what you are doing having regular customers is sure. You can be successful just barbing in your location.

There is no business that can not be lucrative if it is well entrepreneur. You may think you are not making enough money from the business but you are. Depending on your location, haircut goes for a sum of N300 – N500 and a Thousand Naira per person. If you carry out a proper estimation you will agree with me that a barbing salon can generate as much as 10 – 20K every day. If you are lucky enough to establish one in a busy location, and you are a good barbingbarbing, the earning per day is different x one full month.

My take: Don’t just open a barbing salon because you read this article. Let it be what you want to do. No one will welcome you disfigure their hair in the name of barbing. You have to be skilful. Therefore, ensure you learn the skill well before venturing in the business or better still, employ the service of an expert to manage it for you.

iii. Ice block making business

I used to wonder how much this people make burning their unit on refrigerator to make water turn to its solid state called ‘Ice block,’ until I stayed closed to one and find out it is the profit involved that keep them in the business. These people fetch water into nylon bags, arrange in Ice block making machine till the liquid turns solid. And considering the electricity unit and high demand for cold drinks most people selling drinks prefer ice block to electricity.

The demand for ice block has long been high in Nigeria due to high price on refrigerator and electricity situation and the fact that not every body who has generator can run it through out the day, considering fuel price in the country yet people will not want to be out of business thereby, the demand for ice block to chill drink make ice block business a boom.

Do you know that ice block as become part of almost all event plan. Ice block chill drinks faster than fridge. Because of the hot atmosphere here, people always yearn for chilled drinks like water, juice and minerals.

iv. Bakery

There is the demand for cake and other spicy things everyday. Occasions like weddings, birthdays, picnics, naming ceremony and other events happens every now and then, making high demand for baking items.

You will agree with me the rate at which bread, cake, meat pie, egg rolls and many more sells in today market.

Bakery business has the potential of making you lot of profits. If you know what you are doing and break into this business with dedication, hard work and creativity, you are surely going to rest at lot of gain.

v. Agriculture

The business of agriculture will demand some kind of capital. If you recall, from the very beginning of these article, we base on making profit. Any business that doesn’t generate profit will crumble speedily.

Starting agriculture is expensive depending on your area of interest. Whether food or animal farming, will demand more money. If you have interest and the capital, invest in agriculture. Running agricultural business is good in any country of the world, especially, in countries with good soil and atmospheric condition and Nigeria is one. And is one business that sells no matter the quantity because people will always eat.

vi. Graphic designing
I place ‘skill’ in position as the greatest achievement in a man’s life. There is a general saying of “knowledge is power.” No matter how long the time you spend on theory, practical make perfect.

Starting graphic designing may not be easy. In fact, if it is easy it is not going to pay well. As a graphic designer, the opportunity to design new posters, business cards, logos, flyers, Adverts banners of all kind happens everyday. If you can work yourself to be good designer and can render good services to people you stand the chance of getting more jobs.

NOTE: To earn in this business you have to learn and persevere. You can not wake up in the morning and declare yourself a designer in the evening. Go for tutorial. No knowledge is free. Spend some money to get the knowledge and be perseverance. That’s what perfects you and once you’re good and capable of delivering, start somewhere.

You wonder where you can start?
One corner of a neighbor’s shop, with one printer and a laptop.

vii. Phone/ laptop sells and repair
Let me talk to you. With the way technology is going, this career will never end. 300 years from now and beyond these aspect of technology will continue to advance. If you are in the business of buying and selling phone, computer and accessories, or you repair same, you’ve gotten yourself a career already.

Do you have the money to invest into;
a. Phone/ laptop business?
b. Or selling just accessories?
c. Or do you want to be a repairer?: Talking about repair, is one handwork that fetches you money everyday. You don’t need much capital to start. All you need is the knowledge. I am not talking about opening someone’s phone after observing a nearby engineers. Relax and learn well under a good trainer. You must understand that phone repair knowledge is broad; stay at the level you are good at until you upgrade ahead. If you are not yet an expert fixing iPhones, don’t damage people’s devices and get yourself into trouble.

viii. Transportation

Like Uber or any other transport business is a lucrative hustle that pays a lot. It’s a plus if the vehicle belongs to you.

The next time you enter a tricycle, take the step of asking the tricycle man how much he make a day. I’ve tried asking a lot of them and must tell you those guys are making Six, Seven thousand Naira and above everyday. How about the taxi driver out there? Do you know some of them make as much as 15,000 a day?

There are days in every business things don’t just flow as usual but no do no do, a business person will always return home with some cash. If you have a car and you are short of what to do to get money, put it on the road and you are sure of cash flow as the days go by.

ix. POS business
POS business is a good business also. If u have a good location you can start making money in no time.

There are lot of people in the business already. Interestingly, people stop by every open POS center to transact and each transaction carries a pay. The interest you make from a customer could be as little as N100 some times but is lot of money if you put all the transactions together at the end of the month.

Other career businesses to consider
* Mechanic
* Welding work
* Electrician
* Carpenter

If you are looking for a business idea, I have decided to share this secret with you today. Many people stay out of business for long time because of fear of risks. But if you understand that nothing in life is without risk you will get up to the new move of getting started without delay.

Starting a career is good and have save many hustling youth out there. Truth be said, these businesses really pay more than some white-collar job. The major problem is managing the daily income you realize from it. There are always necessary need that demand attention everyday. Attending to such necessary and immediate need like food may not be worst like spending your hard earned money on women and drinks.

Thanks for reading. God bless your hustle. Amen

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