Can A Woman Menstruates While Pregnant?

You can’t menstruate while pregnant. What you are experiencing is ‘BLEEDING’ in pregnancy.


Few reasons you may be bleeding in early pregnancy(First Trimester)

1 Implantation bleeding

2. Miscarriage

3. Cervical polyps

4. Infections

5. Ectopic pregnancy

6. Molar pregnancy

7. Increase blood flow in the cervix

Ectopic is the deadliest

Note, any symptom in addition to the bleeding, go to your care provider immediately to identify the reason for the bleed & address it properly.

Majority of pregnant women do not have implantation bleed and that is why any bleeding while pregnant should be reviewed by your care providers to rule out any possible life or pregnancy threatening cause. You can’t assume it is implantation bleed.

I know right, I have seen too many women assuming its ‘period’ not ‘bleeding’ in pregnancy.
I know someone that assumed so not knowing she had ectopic & almost died. She actually told people but she was reassured some women ‘menstruate’ in pregnancy. She woke up in ICU.

If a pregnancy test is carried out during any of these types of ‘BLEEDING’, it will still be positive if the person is pregnant.

A little extra advice. A simple ultrasound study can help to exclude any of causes from item 2 – 6. A doppler ultrasound can evaluate item 7. In all, be in good hands and don’t patronise quacks.

Naija OB/GYN Doctor

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