A Nigerian living in Canada share through his Twitter handle to revealed he got c$2,290 (N626,406.62) from Canadian government as compensation for the stay at home lockdown.

Revealing this on his handle @ChuksJaphets, he said the government first gave them a deposit of c$ 2000 (N547,080.02), added that extra c$290 (N79,326.60) was give to them on April 19 as second time the government is given then support in the lockdown imposed in over there in Canada.

Talking down on Nigerian government he said the Nigerian government ask them to come back home; adding that the government want them to pay the flight cost from the money

See the post below;

“”Few days ago, we received a deposit of $2,000 from d Govt of Can Flag of Canada , today we got another cheque of $290 as support. Meanwhile, all Nigerian Govt could say was come back home and I will bear d flight cost. Home ain’t where u were born. Home is where d leaders care abt u Red heartFlag of Canada.””



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