Check Out Some Businesses You Can Start With Little Or No Money

For some of these businesses, you may just need a day or week to learn under an expert. Learning from an expert will better your performance and will help you score excellence in the long run. Remember, excellence in whatever business you do is the number sure thing that keep your customers coming.

I find out what the world needs. Then, I go ahead and invent it. Thomas Edison


Many people believe they need to have a huge sum of money to actually make money, which is not true. By just looking for problems and finding solution to them you can make lot of money with low or no capital at all. This is because money will always go to where problems are solved.

Henceforth, instead of spending more time to look for the big money to start you can either look for problems around you and solve them, believe me you will make money from it.

Every idea you need to prosper is within you. You don’t look down on the little because what you consider little is never always little. There are every opportunity to make money and if you can stay on it you will definitely become wealthy with time.

Like Thomas Edison said, if you are able to look for what the need of the people are and create it, you will make money in the end because people are going to pay you. The important note here is that there are problems everywhere – if you can look you will find them.

The truth is, if you want to make money you must learn to add value, increase value and solve problems. The more value you add and the more problems you are able to solve is the more money you will get.

But check out some common mistakes that hinders
* It’s as simple as been lazy and not want to work or add value at all.

* Refusing to learn under someone to grow your intellect: Here is one mistake I will employ you avoid. Do not just walk into it when you do not have the average management idea. If you want to grow a business you will need to learn from people whose idea you learn from. By so doing, you are able to know how they were able to grow theirs. Learning from others may mean you leave your comfort zone to hang around them for days or months or years – that will take a lot of patience, you know. But it will make your great with discipline and self-control. You will be able to learn from the mistakes of your master as you follow him/ her.

* You call it meat pie. Meaning one is expected to see some meat in it but what is therein is nothing but pieces of cooked yam.

Here are some businesses you can start with little on no money.

* Akara/ pap
* Moimoi
* Rusted coin
* Plantain
* Popcorn
* Spies (such as egg rolls, meat pie etc)
* Juices
* Pure water
* Hat making
* Handset repairs
* Kunu/ zobo
* Make-up
* Yoghurt
* Ice block
* Poultry
* Waste disposal
* Kerosine sales/ supply
* Processed grains
* Flower pot/ horticulture
* Water supply,
* Laundry service
* Social media marketing
* Blogging
* Mc
* House agent
* Local restaurant (mama put)

It is a popular say that an idol man is the devil workshop. Do not stay idol. If you have hands and legs then you have no excuse at all. Even the born different human are doing stuff. I challenge you, get up and start now!!!

Importantly, success in business demand that you stay in the business. You don’t expect to blow immediately. If you continue in it, and continue in it, certainly, the result will spring out. YES! I can say that again; and you know why? Because I was making roughly N200 when I first started. Some days I made nothing at all. There were days I ended up spending from my pocket to make sure I settle and satisfied my customers. But today, 7000, 8000 and more is coming in on daily bases and you know what? It is going higher. What do you think will be the answer if I had quit.

I tell that story to let you know… You are going to first risk in the business, you are going to be discourage many times, you are going to want to quit, you are going to face some challenges because it is not always going to be smooth. But if you can first the risks and continue, soon you will always go on your kneel every day to say ‘thank YOU GOD’ like me.


Please, share to reach others. Share your ideal of businesses one can start with little or no money also. See you at the top soon…

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