Christmas And fear of yahoo boys! Slay queen Exposing Yahoo Boys

Christmas is fast approaching and Nigerian actress turned Instagram comedienne, Irene Ibekwe, is attempting to expose the activities of yahoo boys and to make slay queens, young ladies who are easy prey to Yahoo Boys not to fall victims through skits.

She has released some videos which she uses to expose Yahoo Boys and warning ladies.

In one of the videos, slay queen was happy being stopped and wooed by a guy in a car until she spotted a laptop in the car, slay queen took to her heels….

In another video, she was asked to spell ‘Yahoo Boys’.

She went on to mention what he thinks are the characteristics of Yahoo Boys. It’s fun…

She went on as she spells: ‘Bling bling, earrings, plenty rings, dread, tattoo, rikom, kpom, Benz, Lexus,……’ and she mentioned many more.

Watch videos and see more photos below:

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