Church Of Satan Fires Back At Man Who Rebukes Them On Twitter

Moment after the news of occult church busted by Nigerian Security operatives at Abia, the Church of Satan, took to Twitter to say it do not have connections with the occult church busted by Nigerian Security operatives.

It wrote:

Their denier push Twitter users to react. One of theTwitter users who reacted to the denier wrote;

“I come against you by the power in the mighty name of Jesus. You are hereby rendered powerless and useless and God’s judgement be upon you and your evil followers who has took over the affairs of this world. You all shall be exposed and be disgraced in the name of Jesus.

I set your Kingdom on fire by the power in the name of Jesus Christ. U are hereby rendered powerless & useless. The light of God will shine over the affairs of this world & darkness will disappear & have no place here & you & your followers will be disgraced in Jesus name. Amen!.”

Check out the reply from Church of Satan:

However, many Nigerians have taking their anger to social media to debunk the Church of Satan and it’s existence in Nigeria.

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