Civic-19: Tiger Tests Positive For Covid-19 In New York

A four-year-old tiger named Nadia, tested positive for coronavirus at the New York’s Bronx Zoo.

According to the federal officials and the zoo management, it is believed to be the first known infection in an animal in the United States or anywhere in the world.

The management of the zoo have it the tiger was among a group of six other animals that fall ill with dry cough together with some other Tigers and lions and was screened for COVID-19 which turn out positive.

One of the zoo officials, director Jim Breheny, said “I couldn’t believe it.” The tiger, Nadia became sick after exposure to an asymptomatic zoo employee, Paul Calle, chief veterinarian at the Bronx Zoo but no one knows which employee in the zoo infected the tiger.

We planned to share the findings with other zoos and institutions. “Hopefully we will all have a better understanding as a result,” Calle said.

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