Common Causes Of Weak Erection In Men ‘how to avoid it from getting worse’

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What commonly cause weak erection in men is mental/ psychological.

For instance;
Tiredness from stress
Loss something valuable
Or you are broke (lack cash).

Most of the causes of weak erection are things you can avoid.

If you do not get enough sleep, this can in a way contribute to you having weak erection problems.

Just like you feel weak after losing a relationship, having weak erection as a result of psychological problems is mostly natural. However, if case worse, you can seek the service of a doctor to examine you.

There had been belief that soft drinks like coke, pepsi, 7up and the rest causes or contributes to weak erection, which could a thought or a believe based on the sugary state of those drinks. If that be the reason for one person’s weak erection problem ‘may not be for that of another.

This does not give you the hope of taking soft drinks in excess. Remember, too much of anything is dangerous to health.

If you have the above listed psychological problems, you are likely have premature ejacuration which most time is not as a result of underlying disease but due to individual variation or sexual inexperience.

There are other causes of weak erection.

This includes habits like smoking, use of hard drugs, overweight.
People with heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure ect.

Firm erection comes from a healthy body and a healthy state of mind and worrying about something is the opposite. If you are able to take care of the happenings that cause your erection to be week; such as depression, tiredness, high blood pressure, diabetes etc, you should be fine.

Having weak erection problem?
Do not fear.

For health purposes, that is why there are doctors. See a doctor if your erection problem continue to get worse.

Few things you can do to reduce erection problems

  • Stop smoking.
  • Cut on the intake of alcohol
  • Stay away from illegal drugs
  • Any high blood pressure issue or diabetes? Manage it
  • Try as much as possible to lose weight
  • Exercise from time to time
  • Talk to your doctor


Having weak erection

  • Can be an early warning sign of a more serious health problems like diabetes or high blood pressure. You could have a good erection if that problem is treated.
  • Can result from the intake of many medicines you take to treat health issues and sometimes, having different drugs combinations. If that is the cause, your doctor will know what changes to make – that’s why it’s good you talk to a doctor.
  • Relationship problems. Yes, relationship problems can make it worse. Seek specialist for counseling. Or talking with your partner may help.
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