Cost Of Obtaining Plate Number In Nigeria, 2019

How much is plate number in Nigeria?

For so many reasons, many motorists do not get genuine number plate, which is a serious problem today.

So I find the need to guide people on the current cost of getting a plate number. The reason is to help the general public avoid spending more on touts and also to ensure getting a genuine plate number.

Report has shown that more than two-fifths of vehicles travelling on Nigerian roads are carrying fake plate numbers with or without driver’s awareness. This fact suggests an urgent need to confirm plate number authenticity. The Federal Road Safety verification of plate number website will be communicated soon.

Check out the list of services related to plate number registration

Number plates service cost

Service/ Product                                         Cost

Standard Number Plate                               – N12,500
Out of Service                                                 – N40,000
Articulated Number Plate                           – N20,000
Number Plate Renewal                                – N10,000
Number Plate Replacement (Standard)   – N10,000
Fancy Number Plate (Motor Cycle)          – N30,000
Motor Dealer Plate (Special)                      – N30,000
Fancy Number Plate (Standard)               – N80,000
Motorcycle Plate (Ordinary)                     – N3,000
Motor Dealers Plate (Ordinary)               – N25,000

Vehicle weighing and registration fee

Type of transport                                      Cost

Motor Cycle                                                 – N1,250
Motor Vehicle                                             – N5,000

Change of ownership fee

Type of transport                                      Cost

Motor Cycle                                                 – N625
Motor Vehicle                                             – N2,500


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