Covenant University Would Produce A Nobel Laureate Before 2022 – Oyedepo

As Covenant University works toward realising the vision 10:2022, when it would be listed among the 10 leading world-class universities by the year 2022, another goal has been placed before the entire faculty and staff of the University.

“Before the said date of 2022, at least one Nobel Laureate will rise from here”, the Chancellor, Dr David Oyedepo declared at the founders day ceremony.

Dr Oyedepo spoke on “Engaging the Power of Absolute Dependency on God” which he said was the secret behind the success story of Covenant University. “Absolute dependency on God is the platform for the rise of giants. Since everything produces after its kind, then if the Most High God is your source, you can’t be the lowest in your engagement. For everything you look up to in life, there is nothing like depending on God. Everything outstanding has the great God behind it.

“You can’t be a world-class university without a Nobel Laureate. All researchers here must trust Him and acknowledge Him at every point of breakthrough. Please, trust Him, don’t share in His glory, then you have committed Him to perform,” he emphasised.

The Chancellor also noted that the essence of Founder’s Day was to reflect on the faithfulness of God, to acknowledge Him as the source of all the positive experiences of the University. “What we are celebrating today are not achievements but ‘engracement’. We are what we are and where we are by the grace of God.”

Dr Oyedepo further reiterated his belief in the actualisation of the Vision 10:2022 which according to him, can only be realised by the hand of God “Vision 10:2022 is a done deal. I therefore congratulate you ahead of time,” he said.

The Chancellor and Chairman, Board of Regents used the occasion to pray for the faculty, staff and students for steadfastness, continuity and productivity,

The Vice-Chancellor, in his remarks itemized the successes of the University from inception and particularly, the first three years of his administration.

He noted that the University pioneered some programmes and ideas that have been adopted by the universities regulatory agency, the National Universities Commission (NUC) and other universities in the country. Some of these according to him are Entrepreneurial Development Studies, dress code, abolition of pass degrees among others.

The Vice-Chancellor noted that the University has won many awards and accolades which stands the University out among the league of universities despite its young age. Of note was the gold awards won at the World Invention and Innovation Forum 2015 in Yanchang, China.

On the alumni platform, the VC informed that the University has produced over 16, 000 graduates referred to as ‘Eagles’ and noted that a great number of them are doing well in various sectors of the economy, ICT, aviation, agriculture, oil and gas as well as business and careers.


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