COVID-19: Atiku’s Son Recovers, Shares Experience, Praises Health Workers

Mohammed Abubakar, son to the former vice-president of Nigeria, PDP Presidential Candidate 2015, Atiku Abubakar has recovered from Covid-19.

Mohammed recovers after 40 days isolation and treatment. He was said to have tested positive to the disease in March. The confirmation announced by his father that one of his sons tested positive for the disease returned from Switzerland.

Appreciating the federal ministry of health and the health workers across state for their sacrifices and professionalism during this period, Mohammed said the pandemic revealed the weakness in Nigeria’s Health Sector.

Mohammed statement on Monday, shared his experience as a Covid-19 patient, said the experience humbled him as he never thought he would be one of the infected persons.

“I, Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, wish to inform Nigerians that I have finally been cleared and discharged after 40 days of coronavirus (Covid19) treatment, he said.

My discharge could not have come at a better time than in the Ramadan, a season marked by sacrifice and supplication to the Almighty Allah.

I thank the Almighty Allah for my recovery from the dreaded infection and also wish to express my sincerest and deepest appreciation to Nigerians for their prayers and goodwill while I was being treated.

In the course of life, we have no idea of what will happen to us because only the Almighty God knows our future. When the coronavirus first broke out in faraway China, I had no idea that I might be one of those to be infected. This is one of the everlasting lessons I can’t forget for the rest of my life. Indeed, I have been humbled by this experience.”

The coronavirus has caught the world off guard and sent us reeling for solutions. It also reveals the weaknesses of our health systems in the developing world. It’s an eye-opening experience for Nigeria and other developing nations, he added.

Thanks to coronavirus outbreak, we are now coming to terms with the necessity of adequate funding of our healthcare system. This disease has brought the rich, the poor and the powerful to a common level. This is the time our policymakers should reset our national priorities and give our health system adequate attention. No investment in our health sector is too much.

No less important, our policymakers should also adequately fund research in vaccines and other drugs because of the uncertainties and challenges like the coronavirus. Once again, thank you for your support and prayers, may Allah show up for you at your appointed time of need.”



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