COVID-19: Danger Of Not Enforcing Total Lockdown In Nigeria

By I. A. Dickson


With commendable effort of the federal government and governor of various states as they try to control the spread of the deadly disease caused by Coronavirus (Covid-19), which has spread across the world, with the rapid results of death. And the various preventive measures listed out by World Health Organization/ medical personnels, which as a matter of urgency are necessary to help control the virus. It remains questionable why leaders of other nations make the mistake of allowing the virus which has become world pandemic cross boarder into their country before commencing defense, haven followed the news of it’s spread and danger in China and other part of the world with no surest end, without adequate preparation.

Tests has continue to show increase in the number of infected persons and following daily information on Covid-19 status across the world and the fact that the virus can only escalate through people as they move around, it becomes even more urgent ‘as the case may be’ for countries to have total lockdown in order to contend the continues spread of the virus.

However, the complain is that lockdown is affecting the masses especially those who feed from their daily earnings; which of course called the attention of the government. “If we must achieve the expected results, since the symptoms to Covid-19 is expected within 5 -14 days, at least 3 weeks total lockdown is recommended.” Remember, I mean “Total Tockdown.”

With the partial lockdown of some businesses and the #[email protected] order, which is important at the moment, though affect certain businesses and individuals whilst movement remain portal to some people like food vendors etc, you will agree with me that controlling Covid-19 will take longer than expected and many more persons are going to be affected after this illustration.

“Imagine having an individual in a food store who later get infected in the cost of transaction with an infected person(s) who come to buy; and thereafter transfer the virus to huge number of customers (Nigerians) who come hours or days later to buy. And having those Nigerians return home to their families “husband or wife, children and relatives who get infected after all. What a commotion the infectious effect will cause? if the partial lockdown order is remove after days and people resume their respective businesses or duty in a society where there are still person with the Covid-19 infection.”

Therefore, while I urge Nigerians to follow given preventive measures and obey the #[email protected]/ restriction order from the government in other to control Covid-19, I plead with the federal government to take steps further ‘at least for the first time in history, spend on the masses in cash and food and enforce total, I mean total lockdown; as that is urgently needed to succeed the fight against coronavirus (Covid-19) and reduce further cost on the nations economy and the government.

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