COVID-19 Is From Hell – Bishop Mike Bamidele Say Covid-19 Is Not From God

Bishop Mike Bamidele, founder of Victory Life Ministries International, has said that coronavirus is evil from hell. He warned that nobody should blame God for it.

The Bishop said the churches would continue to support government with prayers to end the virus. He said the government should be commended for their efforts so far in containing the spread of the disease.

According to him, COVID-19 is real. He however urged the people to continue to abide by the Covid-19 preventive measures.

The Bishop, disclosed this in an interview, during the interview, he offered special prayers for health workers, journalists, security operatives and others in the front line of the battle against the virus, added that the Pentecost day celebration this year will be to pray for comfort for those who are bereaved and healing for those who are under any kind of diseases particularly the COVID-19.

He stated that this year edition of Pentecost Day Celebration would hold online because of the restriction order on public gatherings imposed by government to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Hence, Bishop Mike Bamidele urges Christians across the globe to join through online and social media platforms and receive blessings.

Bishop Mike Bamidele said that Christians would not know COVID-19, he said whoever has faith in Christ would not be infected.

“COVID-19 vanishes immediately you believe that it is gone. If you have faith that it would not come to you, COVID-19 would not locate you. COVID-19 has vanished if you believe so.

No pastor can predict the end of the Coronavirus. Those who had earlier predicted the end to the virus but which did not come to pass, needs to check the spirit that they are operating with.

“There is no specific date the virus will end but the day any man is healed by exercising faith in God is the day the virus will end. For me, an end has come to the virus the day Jesus died on the cross,” he said.

The Bishop speak on the need for the United Nations to give recognition to Pentecost Day and urged the governor of Osun state to take a lead in declaring Pentecost Day as public holiday in the state.

“The Pentecost Day was the 50 days after Jesus resurrection, it should be declared as a public holiday so that Christians can enjoy the celebration. if the state government could declare a public holiday for Muslims to celebrate Hijrah and the Isese Day for traditional worshippers, the same should be declared for Christians to celebrate Pentecost Day,” he said.


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