Dangers Of Exposing Your Sensitive Bank Account Details

By I.A. Dickson


Every time you make your sensitive bank details like BVN and credit card details public, you stand the risk of facing the consequence and being the potential victim.

Sensitive information like BVN and credit card details are very private aspects of your bank details that should not be revealed. Your sensitive bank account details is like your personal identity and is dangerous exposing or posting it online because there are many fraudsters out there who can use such information to send stolen or scammed money.

Somehow across the globe, many people get dumb by people who claim to offer cash give away which demand their account details. You can be an accomplice to fraud without you knowing.

Remember that no fraudster will just pick up an account and transfer stolen funds in and out without first involving you. With only your bank account details like account number and name, no fraudster can perpetrate. Ignorantly, people fall victim acknowledging certain fact that give this fraudsters approval, which is one method yahoo boys and terrorists are using to move money around.

For instance, if you write your account online, you could be contacted privately with a propose deal, before you know it, you have become a mule moving money from account to account.

Your exposed account details;
– Can be used to sponsor terrorism activities, which could put you in big trouble
– Can be stolen and used for financial identity theft and for fraud
– You could be used as a money mule: Money acquired illegally or stolen can be transferred through a courier service, or electronically. Typically, the mule get a small cut of the transaction. So long as you receive such money and transfer part (the big share), as agreed, into another account, you become a mule and always the victim.

Important note
* It is a silly act to always leave your sensitive account details exposed.
* As stated earlier, your account is safe except your atm number and password (pin) are exposed.
* Accounts can only be used for frauds with the consent of account owners.
* You are at fault, if you collect cash from people you don’t know or have legitimate business with.
* If someone transfers money to your account, it is your imperative and decision to know where the money comes from.

* Do not agree to comply with a fraudster, report any undeserved money that find it’s way into your account to the bank.

* Nobody can withdraw a dime from your account without your atm and password, without an OtP send directly to your phone number. Accounts can only be used for frauds with the consent of account owners.

* If you expose your account and a fraudster wants to use it. He or she would first contact you and explain why he wants to transfer money to you and how he/ she got the money. You could be convinced to a full believe that there is no fraud ‘especially if you have not had any experience with fraudsters and how they operate.

* In every transaction be wise.


Thank you for reading. Hope it help you in the day you need it most.

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