Dates Fix For Public Hearing on Infectious Diseases Bill

The Joint House Committees on Health Care Services, Health Institutions and Justice will conduct a two day public hearing on the bill for an Act to Repeal the Quarantine Act And Enact the Control of Infectious Diseases Act 2020.

Wednesday June 10 and Thursday June 11, 2020 has been slated for the public hearing.

According to a statement released by the The Joint House Committees on Health Care Services, Health Institutions and Justice, Nigerian House of Representatives, on Monday, May 25, the committee has invited memoranda from the public and particularly key stakeholders in the health sector, security, justice, international development, civil society, media, transport, traditional and religious institutions.

Members of the public and stakeholders have been directed to submit one (1) soft copy in a flash drive and 50 hard copies of each typed memorandum which should be addressed to the Deputy Director/Clerk Committee on Health Care Services in H102, white house, House of Representatives Wings, National Assembly Complex, Abuja.

The submission starts on Monday, June 1 and ends on Friday, June 5.

They reminded the public that the hearing will be done with strict compliance to Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) COVID-19 guidelines; wearing of facemask and social distancing.

Recall that the proposed bill had sparked a lot of controversy with many Nigerians, stating their fears of how the bill leaves them vulnerable and at the mercy of the law enforcement personnel who may abuse the provisions of the bill if enforced.

The Coalition of United Political Parties had alleged that lawmakers in the House of Representatives were offered $10 million for the speedy passage of the bill by the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

Reacting to this, the House of Representatives threatened to take legal action against promoters of the allegation bordering on $10 million inducement to pass the ‘Control of Infectious Diseases bill’ into law.

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