Disturbing Photos Of Man Killed Over Mango In Abia

Mr. Chinaedu Omeonu from Mgboko Umuoria Autonomous Community in Obingwa Local Government Area has killed his cousin brother.

ABJgalaxy gathered that the said Mr. Chinaedu Omeonu inflicted a deep cut on his cousin brother, Mr. Solomon Monday Orji in the neck, led to the death of Mr. Solomon.

Trouble started when the son of Mr. Solomon went to Mr. Chinaedu’s house to pick some mango fruits. Mr. Chinaedu ended up flogging the little boy (his cousin brother’s son) mercilessly, the beating led to the boy fainted and unable to return back to home to his family.

Mr. Solomon, after hearing what happened to his son, rushed to Mr. Chinaedu’s house to ask why he flogged his son to the extent of fainting and unable to walk home. But Mr. Chinaedu “the mango owner” ended up exchanging words with Mr. Solomon who later carried his son home.

But on his way back to his house with his son, Mr. Chinaedu ran inside his house, picked a cutlass and ran after Mr. Solomon who headed home with his wounded son.

An eye witness said that Mr. Chinaedu cut his cousin, Mr. Solomon mercilessly on the from his back leading to his dead. Mr. Solomon died instantly at the spot.

Mr. Chinaedu (the murderer) was immediately apprehended by the youths and people of Mgboko Umuoria settlement and he was tortured and later handed over to the police.

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