Does Bitter Leaf Cure Pile, Skin Infections? Find Out More Amazing Health Benedits Of Bitter Juice

It is no more a surprise that bitter leaf is beneficial to our Heath. The Bitter Leaf plant is in abundance in all part of Nigeria. Bitter leaf mostly is used to prepare meal. Also, the bitter leaf is medicinal. It serves as herbal remedies to so many illness. The bitter leaf is wash and either squeezed in-between palms to get the juice. Better still you can blend the leaf adding little water and extract the juice with the help of a cheese cloth. Some people mix the bitter leaf juice with milk. This has many health benefits we will talk about in our post shortly.

Apart from medical researches, individual findings revealed bitter leaf as a natural health remedies. Many more benefits you discover if you choose to start taking bitter leaf. Here are some health benefits of bitter leaf you can rightly take to consideration within the comfort of your home.


1. Bitter leaf keeps you healthy
If you want to know how healthy you can be, practice the habit of regularly taking bitter leaf juice from time to time.

2. Bitter Leaf is anti-parasite and anti-bacteria
Taking the extracted juice serves as a prevention to malaria. If you already have malaria, taking bitter leaf juice cures you of malaria and fevers. Treating malaria and fever with bitter leaf juice you take a cup of bitter leaf juice in the morning, afternoon and evening and in 3 day you will tell the difference.

3. Bitter leaf relieve tiredness
Sugar in the body cause weakness to the body and feeling tired is not an exception when it comes to this. Practice the bitter Leaf thing for some time and try to take observation. You will feel smart doing things and not feeling tired. It works.

Taking bitter juice also ease digestion.

4. Bitter Leaf help in the production of quality breast milk for breast feeding mothers
If you are a nursing mother, taking bitter leaf juice is advisable. Though some mothers use the bitter leaf juice when they want to stop their breast feeding babes. Report shows that drinking bitter leaf juice is helpful in quality breast milk production.

5. Bitter Leaf prevent Diabetes
Here in Nigeria, bitter leaf is one natural cure/ prevention to Diabetes. Bitter leaf help to cleans excessive sugar in the body.

6. Bitter Leaf is cure to pile and the following Skin Infections and more
Bitter leaf cure many skin infections like eczema, ringworms and many more. How this works is by just applying the raw liquid extracted from the leaf on the very spot on the skin that is affected. Continue to apply for like 3 times a day till you see the expected result.

You cure external pile by placing the bitter leaf paste on it.

For internal pile, chewing both bitter leaf and scent leaf together. Difficult to do that? squeeze bitter leaf and scent leaf together to get the juice.

7. Bitter Leaf juice contain vitamin A, B1 and B2, C and E.



* Pregnant mothers should wait till after delivering before embarking on taking bitter leaf juice
* Do not take bitter leaf juice in escess.
* Once a while, have bitter leaf in your meal, take the juice as this has many health benefits much more than discuss here.

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