Effect Of Mouth Ulcer And Foods Needed To Cure

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People with mouth ulcer finds it difficult to eat and drink or swallow anything.
Communicating is again a problem.

Treating this problem of mouth ulcer comes in diverse of cure and some times what work for the other doesn’t work for another. Which ever procedure that work for you is fine.

Since swallowing is difficult, does not mean you are going to stay away from food. There are list of food you can eat while treating mouth ulcer.

Meal to take while treating mouth ulcer

Because of the pain while trying to swallow, eating soft food is recommended but if you can stand the pain to eat food that has high calorie, that will help you with more energy.

Yogurt, liquid protein, ice cream are soft enough food to take.
Eat fruit, cooked vegetables also.

Depending on the soft food you take, you are going to gradually find it easier to eat and swallow harder food.

What you must not do

  • Do not swallow except you chew your meal to a very smaller pieces. You can blend or cut your meat to smaller pieces only at this time.
  • Do not eat salty or acidic and tomato-based foods.
  • Stay away from spices such as curry
  • Avoid rough foods
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