Ekweremadu Threatens To Release Video Of ‘assassination Attempt’ On His Life

Deputy Senate President, Senator Ike Ekweremadu, on Wednesday vowed to release video footages of how his house was invaded by alleged assassins on Tuesday.

Ekweremadu said he would release the video if the Police fail to withdraw their claim that what happened in his house was a mere case of burglary.

After the plenary on Wednesday, the Senate resolved to ask the Police to conduct a deep investigation of the alleged assassination attempt on Ekweremadu, his wife and son in the early hours of Tuesday.

Dino Melaye, representing Kogi West Senatorial District, blamed the Police for not investigating the case properly before reaching a conclusion.
“The Police adopted a very myopic, porous and intellectually stagnant approach to a very serious matter. To start with, burglary is not mere.

Anyone who is engaged in burglary has satanic intention. It is burglary that leads to assassination,” Melaye said.

“To come out and say its mere burglary shows that the Nigeria Police has identified some individuals that no matter what happen, we will not get their service. If this has happened to one of the faithful of Mr President, this will not be the reaction of the Inspector-General of Police. If this has happened to one of the close friends of the villa, this will not be the reaction of the IGP.”

While speaking, Ekweremadu said that a Commissioner of Police for the FCT and Deputy Inspector General of Police in charge of operations visited his house on Tuesday afternoon to sympathizie with him.
“I showed them round and although they were very sympathetic of what happened,” he said.

“I was so shocked when I woke up this morning to hear the Police saying what happened in my house was a mere case of burglary. I am at a loss because as we speak, they have not taken any statement from my son who was hospitialised, they have not gone to the hospital to find out what exactly happened to my son. They have not invited security personnel attached to me who reported yesterday; some are still reporting this morning.

“They looked at the CCTV tapes operated by the DSS and a staff of my house; apparently, they were not able to figure it out, so it was easy for them to quickly dismiss what really happene.”
Expressig surprise about the incident, Ekweremadu said he is in possession of the full video clip and some pictures.

“Unfortunately for them, later yesterday evening a technician came and was able to figure out and was able to produce the CCTV footage, including how they gained entrance into my house and how they got a way into my room and the fight between them, my wife and my son and all the efforts we made to save our lives. I am happy that we have that in our custody, which the Police are not aware of.

“I am sure that Nigeria will be shocked on what transpired and all the efforts made to save our lives. Now that the Police appear to have concluded the case, unless they withdraw the statement that it is a mere case of burglary, I may now be forced to release those footage to the media, international community so that Nigerians and ordinary people judge whether it was a case of burglary or attempt to kill me or whether they just want to come to my house to have a breakfast or have a handshake with me.”

Ekweremadu continued: “It appears to me that the man who said it was a mere case of burglary does not know what burglary is about. He doesn’t need any teaching; he just needs to go into the Internet and find out what burglary is really about. He can compare if it is the same with what happened in my house.”

Senator Enyinnaya Abaribe (Abia South) advised the Senate to condemn the rapid conclusion by the Police that the invasion of Ekweremadu’s residence was a mere burglary case.

“For the Police to quickly, without interviewing the very person for whom this incident happened to, come out and determine that it was a burglary, actually burgles the mind,” he said.

“We know in this country that Bola Ige was killed in his home. We know and also it is a fact the former gubernatorial candidate, Funsho Williams, was also killed in his home. Our fear today is, why is the Police engaging in a cover-up?”



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