Ex-niger Delta Militants Threaten To Disrupt 2019 Election

By Joseph Kingston


A man identified as John Akpama has been shot dead by his friend, Enang Onun Itam, while testing the potency of a bullet-proof charm they reportedly drank during the annual new yam festival of Assiga community in Yakurr local government area of Cross River state

Reports say Itam, a secondary school teacher, and his friend, Akpama, had taken days to prepare for the new yam festival and had drunk a bullet proof concoction and good quantity of local gin to enhance their performance of the war dance at the festival.

On the festival day, the duo adorned their traditional war dance attire and headed for the venue of the festival but unfortunately, the story which emanated from the festival venue was the death of Akpama.

Sources at the venue said that, as soon as they started acrobatic display to the admiration of spectators, Akpama volunteered to be shot at to prove his invincibility. Itam, accordingly, loaded the hunting rifle he was carrying and shot Akpama, killing him on the spot.

This led to commotion and motorists, cyclists and indeed all the spectators scrambled out of the venue. In the process, many reportedly sustained injuries. This completely ruined the popular festival.

Akpama’s body, it was further learnt, was taken away as friends and family remained in shock, wondering why such tragedy should befall them. Sources said most of the natives feared that ending the festival abruptly and the killing at the very venue of the festival could spell disasters unless some rituals were carried out to appease the gods.


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