Fake Military Officers Killing And Abducting People In Jos

Read the report below:

A confidential information reaching us that the fake impersonated soldiers are almost scattered all over Jos North and South wearing new military uniforms, with probably carrying new guns, with names but without military numbers!

They’re fierce looking young boys as if they just passed out from Depot Nigeria Army.
Places of their targets tonight and tomorrow till Friday include Lamingo, Dadin Kowa, Tudu Wada, Bukuru., Terminus most especially EBOMI Tower through the use of rockets, Jenta Adamu, Holshe, Farin Gada, Rantya,Nyango Gyel, Gada Biu, Rikkos, Millionaires Quarters most especially Living Faith, COCIN headquarters Church, ECWA HEAD QUARTERS, Narguta, Rayfield and Zarmagada!

We have released alot of secrets of the enemy on the Plateau and virtually all has been proven to be true! Government and the military authorities should do something urgently before total break down of peace becomes irretrievably incapable of being corrected!
Which may lead to civil unrest in the whole country! Pray for Plateau State and Nigeria!

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