FCDA Demolished Orphanage Home In Abuja, Leaving Over 150 Children Stranded

The Department of Development Control, Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCDA), has been accused of pulling down an orphanage home at Kubwa – Abuja.

According to reports, over 150 orphaned children are currently stranded at Kubwa, Abuja due to the demolition by officials of the Department of Development Control, Federal Capital Territory Administration.

MandyNews.com reports that the exercise, which commenced on Tuesday, March 26, 2019, involved the demolition of an orphanage in Kubwa; Divine wounds of Jesus Christ Orphanage Home; Opposite NSITF, Arab road Kubwa; was demolished by FCDA, as claimed by Director of affairs at the orphanage; Charles Ikezemuoka

Watch the moment the bulldozer under the instruction of FCDA in Abuja, destroyed the motherless babies home (Divine wounds orphanage home, Arab road, Kubwa)with over 150 kids still inside and no warrant from the court.


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