Five Keys To Safer Food: Apply These Everyday To Ensure Safety From Microorganisms

According to health experts, many people across the world get sick due to the food they eat which is either caused by dangerous microorganisms or toxic chemicals. Unfortunately, many others died from diseases attributed to contaminated food and water.

It is either the food is not properly prepared to prevent most of the foodborne diseases.

Applaud to governments all over the world for their efforts to ensue safety of the food supply. Despite the government effort, unsafe food has since been recorded as human health problem. This is not just in your country but every country of the world including developed countries. Every individual, including the chefs at the neighboring canteen need to prevent foodborne disease from occurring.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has offered food hygiene message throughout the world.

It is believed that if food is handled properly, most foodborne disease can be prevented.

Below is the Five Keys to Safer Food

* Keep clean;
* Separate raw and cooked;
* Cook thoroughly;
* Keep food at safe temperatures;
* Use safe water and raw materials.

Keep clean

Most microorganisms do not cause disease. There are dangerous microorganisms in soil, water and animals etc. which can be carried on hands, cooking utensils etc and transfer to food.

To prevent these

Wash your hands
* after using the toilet,
* during food preparation,
* before eating,
* after changing a baby’s diaper,
* after blowing your nose,
* after handling chemicals
* after handling raw meat,
* after playing with your pets like dog or cat etc;

keep your kitchen areas free of insects and pests. Do not slaughter and eat sick animals. Keep food well covered in containers, don’t keep waste or allow pests near your cooking area.

Separate raw and cooked

Keep food in separate container to avoid contact. These will help prevent the transfer of microorganism from raw food to cooked food.

Know how to keep raw food from prepared one?
* Store in separate container
* Place them separate when keeping in the refrigerator.
* Recommendably, store cooked and ready to eat food on top of the refrigerator while the raw food is store below.

Cook thoroughly

If food is well cook, the process can kill almost all the microorganism surrounding the food. Cooking thoroughly is not just for the meat and egg but raw food that must be cook before eating.

* Raw food, especially meat should be cooked thoroughly.
* Heat already cooked food well before eating.
* Avoid the use of plastic containers to microwave food ‘as study reveals that plastic containers releases toxic chemicals when heating.

Keep food at safe temperatures

It is more proper to refrigerate all cooked food rather than expose it to flies. Even at that, it is not proper to keep cooked food for too long. To leave frozen food at room temperature is not safe.

To keep food at safe temperature
* Better to prepare small amount of food than to have too many leftovers.
* If you must keep the leftovers, store after proper cook.

Use safe water and raw materials;

Earlier, we see that water can be contaminated with dangerous microorganisms. However, washing raw food with clean water can reduce the microorganisms on them. Using safe water to wash your fruits and vegetables before cooking or before eating raw is important thing to do.

Boiling your food is very important. When boiling, food should reach the temperature of 70*C.

Important note: Boiling kills microorganisms but do not remove harmful chemical in water.

To disinfect water
* Cover water tanks to prevent breeding of mosquito vectors.
* Add 3 – 5 drops of chlorine per every 1 litre of water.

When it concerns food, ensure you are using clean (safe) water to wash hands, cooking utensils, fruits and vegetables, make juice and for cooking.

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