Follow Native Method To Combat Coronavirus – MASSOB urges Igbo

The Movement For the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has called on the people of the Southeast region to take advantage of the herbs in curing the COVID-19 ravaging the world.

The MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu, gave this advice yesterday in Owerri.

According to Madu, the association has observed that both the Federal and state governments were not doing enough to address the challenges posed by the virus.

He said: “The leadership of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) warns the people of Biafra to remain soberer and exhibit extra care over coronavirus disease.

“The speedy rate at which it is rising in Nigeria may trigger more devastative deaths of citizens because both federal and state governments are not doing enough for the protection of their citizens. Nigeria is sitting on a devastative tickling time bomb.

“Our people must be guided by the rules and medical directives of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to avoid contacting COVID-19.

The people of Biafra must also apply our native methods of combating and eradicating disease viruses through Igbo traditional medications.

“Though the governors of Igbo land are putting up some preventive measures in combating the dreadful virus in their respective states, MASSOB still believes that more drastic and eloquent efforts must be taken to alleviate the traumatic, economical, health and social sufferings of the people of their respective states.

“We implore our governors to shun party and personal group politics in dealings with the people of their respective states. The current devastative situation does not require party loyalists or praise singers.”

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