Ghanaian Man Storms Bank With Mattress, Pillow & Bedsheet

A young man did an unbelievable thing as he left the bankers, and customers of UniCredit Apenkwa branch in the Accra Metropolitan assembly with mouths gaping when he showed up at the bank with his mattress, pillow, bedsheet, and other personal belongings to comfortably sleep inside the banking hall.

The young man claims he has a savings bank account with the UniCredit Apenkwa branch and he has been to the bank multiple times to withdraw his money but he kept getting the response:

“the service is down”.

This happened just yesterday, 17th October 2018, when the young man whose identity is yet to be established stormed UniCredit Apenkwa branch with his beddings, mattress, and other stuff to sleep there till he gets his money.

The bankers whilst working looked on also dazed as to why a grown man would resort to “pitching his tent” at their banking hall.

For fear of making the news for more wrong reasons, many were cautious as they kept their distance from the gentleman.

Based on online reports, the banking sector of Ghana is currently going through a downward spiral as many banks have been closed down by the Bank of Ghana while some have been consolidated.

This has led to a mass panic as many scared customers have resorted to withdrawing their money-in-the-bank leading to the collapse of several banks.


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