Girl Thrown Out Of Pool Party, Unclad, For Resisting Sexual Harassment In Lagos

A party goer has threaten to sue a hotel in Ikeji, Lagos, after she was thrown out of a pool party for daring to resist sexual harassment.

It was gathered that the girl was inappropriately touched by a guy while they were inside the swimming pool, on Saturday. According to an eyewitness, she told her harasser that she didn’t like what he did and went further to berate him. .

However, the guy got angry and replied her with about 6 slaps. Undeterred, the victim continued berating him, while he went on with the assault. .

Some security guards later stepped in to calm her down, but she continued with the tirade, while the harasser quickly left the party. .

She was eventually kicked out of the hotel, in just her bikini, to stop her from disturbing others and she has now vowed to take legal action against the organizers and the hotel.

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