Governor Rotimi Akeredolu Rejects FG Palliative Rice

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has rejected 1,800 bags of rice donation from federal government. The governor ordered the rejection and return of some bags of the donated rice considered not good for consumption.

The reject was after governor Akeredolu, had last week received the support items from the state coordinating unit of the Youths Empowerment and Social Support Operations, displeasure.

The rice was sent to the state by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Management through the federal government order.

Confirming the development, Mr Alex Kalejaiye, Secretary of the state palliative committee, while addressing media yesterday, said the bad rice will be separated from the good ones and the good ones will be taken to the laboratory to ascertain if they were fit for human consumption.

“We discovered that some of the bags have expired and not good for consumption at all, so we are separating them from the ones that are still manageable for consumption. After this, we will still take the ones that appear good to the laboratory to test if they are fit for consumption.

They brought many bags of rice, we just carried out random check on them to discover the ones that are not good. What we are trying to do is to separate those ones that appeared bad from those ones that appeared good then we will carry out laboratory test on them to ascertain whether they are safe for consumption before giving them out to our people.

Some are expired, it is even written on the bags but some are not expired but it seemed they were not properly stored, and those ones are not properly stored would not be good to be given to our people without carrying out the laboratory test.

We will separate the extremely bad ones from the rest and we will carry out the laboratory test on those ones that appear good, to ascertain how safe they are for consumption. But the extremely bad ones, we don’t even need to do test on them, we will return them.

We will meet tomorrow to decide when to return them, you know we can’t do it without the consent of Mr Governor.” he said.

In like development, Oyo State governor Seyi Makinde has promised to return the 1800 bags of rice donated by the Federal government to cushion the economic impact of the COVID-19 lockdown because they are considered infested with weevil and not good for human consumption.


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